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Merge gate
Origin Kamigawa
User The kami
Status Functioning

The merge gates are artifacts from modern-day Kamigawa that allow the kami to travel from Reikai (the spirit world) to Utsushiyo where the mortals live.[1] The colors around it shimmer with metallic hues.

The Futurist moonfolk prodigy Tameshi is researching kami to discover what is behind the merge gates. He stipulates that the gates are proof that there is more to life than is known. And to have that kind of knowledge — to lift the veil of the unknown — may require sacrifices some aren't willing to make. His interest focuses on a kami that embodies a connection with the spirit realm, Himoto, that could have a radical effect on the merge gates. However, that same research could allow someone to manipulate it. If the kami really can affect the merge gates, one would essentially be giving that same power to whoever holds the controls.

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