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Merge gate
Origin Kamigawa
Creator Minamo scholars
User The kami
Status Functioning

Three mortals waiting for the kami before a rift in the sky. Art by: AMAYAGIDO

The merge gates are artifacts from modern-day Kamigawa that allow the kami to travel safely from Reikai (the spirit world) to Utsushiyo where the mortals live.[1] The colors around it shimmer with metallic hues.


The Era of Enlightenment[]

As decades and centuries passed after the Kami War, the mortals of Kamigawa noticed an increasing number of kami inhabitants sharing their homes. A few of these kami were friendly, but many more were upset, even dangerous. Having spent their lives in service to the kami, the monks of the Order of Jukai went to investigate. They discovered strange rifts in the atmosphere that ejected confused kami onto the Plane. The mortal and spirit realms had begun to overlap, and they would eventually merge into a single unified realm.[2]These merge locations occurred at random. They created hotspots of power where one can glimpse the underlying structure of reality, but they are also dangerous.

The Jukai brought this discovery to Eiganjo and Otawara, and they collaborated with the Imperials and Minamo to develop what would later be known as merge gates. The Minamo scholars used their knowledge to invent the gate mechanisms. The Imperials used their infantry to erect them around active merge sites. But it was the Jukai who would greet the kami and welcome them to their new home. Through their combined effort, the mortals built gates around every new rift, ensuring the kami could safely become part of a new unified Kamigawa.

Philosophers and scientists believe that both material and spirit realms will eventually merge into one, creating a plane with no barriers between kami and mortals, but no one knows what will really happen once the two realms are fully merged.[3]

Neon Dynasty[]

The Futurist moonfolk prodigy Tameshi was researching kami to discover what is behind the merge gates. He stipulated that the gates are proof that there is more to life than is known. And to have that kind of knowledge — to lift the veil of the unknown — may require sacrifices some aren't willing to make. His interest focused on a kami that embodies a connection with the spirit realm, Himoto, that could have a radical effect on the merge gates. However, that same research would allow someone to manipulate it. If the kami really could affect the merge gates, one would essentially be giving that same power to whoever holds the controls.

A famous merge gate is located at Eiganjo Castle.[4]

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