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Race Planeswalker
Birthplace Not Dominaria
Lifetime Active after the Brothers' War

Meshuvel was a female planeswalker who encountered Urza when he was new to his powers. She explained to Urza what had happened to him, and that the worlds he'd already visited were only a fraction of the infinite planes of the multiverse that could be explored and exploited by an immortal planeswalker. She taught him how to change his shape at will and to comprehend thought without the inconvenience of language. However, Meshuvel knew that even among planeswalkers, Urza was unique: thanks to his eyes, he could see the multiverse like no other planeswalker could. Surely not Meshuvel, whose eyes were ordinary brown, and had never heard of the Thran.

Even if Meshuvel didn't know the mystery of Urza's eyes, she feared them so much that she tried to snare him in a time pit. When that failed, she fled the plane where they'd been living. Urza wanted to find her, not to get revenge on her but out of curiosity as to why should she act as she did. However, he was too caught by his desire to return to Dominaria and never followed her.

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