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Mezlok's Challenge
Mezlok's Challenge.png
Publication information
Publication period Summer 1994 -
Character(s) Mezlok, Taishiar
Creative team
Writer(s) Mark Poole
Illustrator(s) Mark Poole
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Mezlok's Challenge is a graphic novel published by Wizards of the Coast in The Duelist #2 and #3, focusing on the planeswalker Mezlok as he prepares for a global contest of mages on Mirrankkar.[1][2]


Mezlok, under the guidance of Taishiar, hopes to compete in a contest of mages on Mirrankkar. Due to a run-in with a rival on Obsidias, they arrive the day before the contest and have only that day to find a city or town that will accept him to duel for them.

A child leads them to the village of Gordahn, where the chief offers him the spot of duelist that has been occupied for ten years by their village warder Jedaht. Jedaht, another keraunomancer, is offended by this and challenges Mezlok to a duel. Jedaht looses, and teleports away, hoping to face Mezlok again someday.

Mezlok, chosen by Gordahn, is the final entry in the contest.


  • The story did not have a continuing installment in issue 4 of The Duelist.


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