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The Mezzio is the middle tier of the metropolis of New Capenna, situated between Park Heights and the Caldaia. It is the primary home of the Cabaretti, Obscura, and Maestros.


The Mezzio is the vibrant, striving, densely populated, and largest borough of New Capenna, and forms the city's cultural heart.[1] The middle layer of the city, the Mezzio never sleeps. Whether it's commuter traffic up from the Caldaia or back down from Park Heights, the streets of the Mezzio are always busy, always humming with life, promise, and people. Always building, always remaking itself, never quiet, never boring; in the Mezzio, laborers in stained dungarees rub shoulders on the subway with socialites in furs. Maestros enforcers walk the same streets as Obscura mystics. Between the fire of industry below and the ritzy playground of Park Heights above, the Mezzio is the "real" city of New Capenna, where dreams are cultured and fortunes made—and lost. When you're in the middle, climbing and falling are both only a step away.[2]

The Mezzio is where decadence and austerity collide, mixing into an eclectic, chaotic, vibrant tapestry where tradition dances with progress and creates the city. The Mezzio is hustle and bustle, never asleep; there's always something to do, someone to see, somewhere to go, with interesting food, music, a show, a scene.[2] It contains shoeshiners, open markets, fortune tellers, dance halls, and a number of Cabaretti-run lounges.[3]


  • Angel's Breath - A small Cabaretti bar on the lower west side of town.[4]
  • Bassomer/Bassomar Bridge[5][2] - Connects the Caldaia to the Mezzio.
    • Upper Bassomer Station - A train station that leads between Lower Bassomer Station in the Caldaia and Cloudponte Bridge in the upper Mezzio.[5]
  • Central District
    • Nido Sanctuary - Headquarters of the Brokers and the family's boss, Falco.[3][2] A bright, clean, and well-appointed office complex in the heart of the borough, with readily accessible law offices and defense firms open to the public at all hours. The Sanctuary's off-limits areas house training areas, armories, and dormitories for solicitors and new recruits.[2]
  • Cloudponte Bridge - Hosts a train station that leads between Upper Bassomer Station in the lower Mezzio and Crossponte Bridge in Park Heights.[5]
  • The Kallock Library - An Obscura location.[1]
  • Theater troupes perform on the corner of King's Street and Butchers.[3]
  • Mezzio Cleaners - A launderer. The building has six sections: one for each of the families and one for the general populous.[6]
  • Mezzio Square[6]
  • Mezzio Station - The central trainstation of the Mezzio.[7][1][6]
  • The Vantoleone - Headquarters and primary cabaret of the Cabaretti and the family's boss, Jetmir.[7][1] A sprawling leisure and entertainment complex where the party is quite literally never ending.[2]
    • The Red Room - A popular stage for Cabaretti performers.[5]
    • The Rose Room - The Vantoleone's most exclusive lounge, off-limits to all but high-ranking Cabaretti officers, the trendiest stars, and those whom Jetmir personally finds curious, interesting, or alluring.[2] The Vanto Beatdown first began here as an improvised dance-battle.[8]
  • Vesti Square- In the never-dark center of the city.[2]

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  • The Mezzio's design is based on 1920's Manhattan.[9]


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