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Michael G. Ryan was the senior editor and story manager for Magic: The Gathering at Wizards of the Coast from March 1995 till March 2000. As a writer, he had a major influence on the storyline. From 1994 to 1995, he had been an associate editor for The Duelist. Nowadays, he is the Managing Editor for Pokemon USA.[1]


Weatherlight Saga[]

With Mark Rosewater, Michael Ryan plotted the original Weatherlight Saga, with additional help from Bob Kruger, Kij Johnson, and Pete Venters.[2][3][4][5] The plot lines were based on universal themes as recognized by the famed scholar Joseph Campbell.[6] Ryan and Rosewater also created all members of the original Weatherlight crew (except for Captain Sisay who was an already existing character).[7]

Ryan and Rosewater were removed as the people in charge of the story during the end of Tempest block (during Exodus) and that event created a schism between R&D and the creative team for a number of years.[8][9]


  • The Slowing of His Heart — The Duelist #7.
  • Maelstrom — The Duelist #17.[10]
  • Torrent — The Duelist #18.[11]
  • Tempest Storyboard — The Duelist #20 (with Mark Rosewater and Pete Venters).[12]
  • Stronghold Storyboard — The Duelist #24 (with Mark Rosewater and Pete Venters)
  • Exodus Storyboard — The Duelist #28
  • The Old Way to Vacar SlabDistant Planes anthology.
  • Gerrard's TaleRath and Storm anthology.
  • In the Blink of an EyeThe Myths of Magic anthology.
  • "Destiny"—


  • The Making of Mirage — The Duelist #7.
  • Visions of Glory — (The Duelist #15.
  • Fortune Favors the Bold — The Duelist #17.[13]
  • Weatherlight Takes Center Stage — The Duelist #18.[14]
  • Tempest on the Horizon — The Duelist #20.[15]
  • Unlocking the Stronghold — The Duelist #20.
  • Exodus File Exposed — The Duelist #28
  • Taming the Beast — The Duelist #21.[16]
  • A Magic History of Time — The Duelist #33.[17]
  • Classic: Magic's Bumper Crop — The Duelist #38.[18]
  • Magic: The Naming - Arabian[19]
  • The Leader of the Banned (2003) —[20]



  • Eladamri was named as a tribute to Ryan's mother Irma and his stepfather Dale (Irma/Dale backwards).[21]
  • Orim was originally designed as a very minor character. Stumped for a name Ryan took Mark Rosewater's nickname (Maro), and reversed it. The ‘a’ was later changed to an ‘i’ to make the name easier to pronounce.[21]


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