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Michael Yichao was a member of R&D as a Narrative Designer for Magic: The Gathering, where among other things he wrote for Magic Story (previously known as Uncharted Realms). He began at Wizards of the Coast in April 2015 as an editor of the Magic Arcana on He later became Community Manager en finally Narrative Designer. He left the company in June 2017.

Yichao currently is a Narrative Writer for Riot Games. He previously worked as a narrative designer for ArenaNet, and as a screenwriter, digital copywriter, and playwright. He has led narrative designs for two major theme park projects in China, served as a staff writer for a Chinese sitcom set in LA, and has received recognition from the Kennedy Center, Actors Theatre of Louisville, and the O'Neill Theater's National Playwriting Conference, among others.

Yichao was narrative and creative lead for Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling, a product infused and inspired by Chinese mythology and culture. He was also part of the Set Design for Battlebond.

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