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Michiko Konda
Race Spirit, formerly Human
Birthplace Eiganjo, Kamigawa
Lifetime ~3230 AR - present
Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa, Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa, Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa, Future Sight

Michiko Konda (Japanese: (こん) () () () () ; rōmaji: Konda Michiko) was a daughter of daimyo Konda and lady Yoshino on Kamigawa.


Her birth was connected with Konda's crime, and her whole childhood and adolescence were marked by the raging Kami War. Konda's attention belonged fully to the product of his crime, That Which Was Taken, and he neglected his daughter, leaving her under the tutelage of Lady Pearl-Ear of the kitsune-bito. However, he guarded her strictly, because of her importance in relationship to his trophy - her birth caused a surge of sympathetic spiritual energy that made Konda's crime possible.

By the time of the climax of the Kami War, Michiko was a beautiful young woman with striking features, resembling her mother Yoshino, and a desperate desire to do something for her own people tortured by the Kami War. However, her importance was not unknown to the other factions and their patron kami. Her friend Choryu helped her to escape from Eiganjo, only in order to get her into the Minamo academy and into the hands of the wizards and their patron spirit. The plan failed because of Sharp-Ear's trickery, and Michiko's path led to Jukai, where it crossed with that of Toshi Umezawa. After saving her from the wrath of the Myojin of Life's Web, Toshi allowed himself to be hired by the princess. This was useful later when he helped her to escape from the golden cage where her father locked her after her return by using his shadow-walking ability.

Toshi brought the princess to Sugi Hayashi and the hands of Pearl-Ear. Despite Toshi's advice, Michiko decided to consult Sensei Hisoka of Minamo about the night of her birth. This endeavor almost ended in disaster when Michiko and her party were present in Minamo during Hidetsugu's attack. Once again, Toshi Umezawa saved her and her friends.

After a long and painful path walked by Toshi, Michiko was united with the Taken One. Under Michiko's hands, the disk shattered and the captured entity was released. Her spirit sister took the name Kyodai, and physically resembles Michiko with dragon traits. Michiko and Kyodai then merged into the Sisters of Flesh and Spirit, a new form of flesh and spirit coexistence, and together they destroyed O-Kagachi. Kyodai later punished Konda for his crime as well. With O-Kagachi gone, the sisters became the new guardians of Kamigawa, the embodiment of the barrier between the mortal and the spirit world.

Michiko was last seen during a fight between the planeswalkers Leshrac and Nicol Bolas, where it was apparent that she and Kyodai were still guardians of Kamigawa.

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