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Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica

Migellic was a member of the Wojek League. She was short and somewhat scrappy-looking. In 9999 Z.C., she was a lieutenant in the Tenth Section, subordinate to Agrus Kos.[1]

During the quietmen attack on Tenth Leaguehall, she was the highest-ranking officer left, and she coordinated the defense. After Kos' retirement a day after the Decamillennial, she took over his temporary function of an acting Commander-General for an indefinite time.

Twelve years after the Decamillennial, Migellic was a Section Commander of the Central Section of Ravnica, residing in Centerfort. She found herself again in a position of acting Commander-General, when the Nephilim attacked and current CG Lannos Nodov was away in Prahv to listen to Feather's testimony. After an unsuccessful attempt of the Boros guildmages to activate the Stone Titans, Migellic ordered the wojek to defend their base the best as they could. It is unknown whether Migellic survived the Nephilim attack on Centerfort that destroyed most of the structure.