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Michael (Mike) Gills was Community Outreach Manager for Magic: The Gathering and some other WotC properties. He also used to be acting Tournament Manager for Magic Online.[1] Until 2010, Mike frequently contributed articles on magicthegathering.com.

He started out as an assistant manager in game support, answering detailed questions about Classic Sixth Edition and other Wizard's games. Once the Pokémon TCG came to WOTC, he moved over to Organized Play where he was known as Master Trainer Mike, the Community and Tournament Manager. After 3 years of Pokémon, he stayed in OP designing various programs for the Harry Potter TCG, D&D minis, Duel Masters, and Avalon Hill games. Mike spent the years 2003–2005 at Wizard's creating the Delegate Program and managing all fan support programs such as MPR, D-MAX, and the RPGA email newsletters.

Mike was recruited at the end of 2005 by ArenaNet, the company that makes Guild Wars, to create their organized play programs. After two years he came back to WOTC at the start of 2008 to be the Digital Games Program Manager, and later Community Outreach Manager for Magic. In 2013 he was recruited by Microsoft.

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