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Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Pre-Mending

Mindrel was a planeswalker.[1]

Mindrel lost her left ear in a magical experiment. She lived on a plane that other planeswalkers didn't generally contend for. She was friends with refugee planeswalker Brand.

Brand planned to learn dark magic in the hopes of defending his Outer Ring. Mindrel tried to talk him out of it by explaining the dangers. However, Brand did not heed her warning and died a short time later defending his Outer Ring against another wizard. Mindrel went to his home plane to follow up, but she found only a destroyed world and the lifeless body of Brand's familiar by his fireplace.

She returned home with a new appreciation for all she'd taken for granted about her plane. She hoped that she wouldn't also resort to dark magic when her time came soon to defend her Outer Ring.

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References[ | ]

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