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Not to be confused with Subgame.

Magic minigames were introduced in the Set Boosters of Zendikar Rising.[1] Minigames are alternative ways to use the cards of a booster pack for a small and lighthearted activity of amusement and fun.


The rules of the minigame fit on one double-sided card. Minigame cards appear in the marketing card spot of 5% of the Set Boosters. Zendikar Rising featured five different minigames. Additional games appeared in the Set Boosters for Kaldheim, Strixhaven: School of Mages, Modern Horizons 2, and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

The minigames were created by Annie Sardelis.[2]


  • Base Race — A grid-based strategy game where you take turns moving cards to uncover the location of your opponent's face-down land.
  • Booster Blitz — Best your opponents in a series of fast Magic games using only the cards in a single pack.
  • Booster Sleuth — A deduction game where you try to figure out four key facts about a secret card using just the other cards in the pack as clues.
  • Careful Study — Memorization and question game about a card your team chooses (I.E., artist, collector number, P/T)
  • Cyber Simulacrum — Deduce the identity of your cards using only images from the internet.
  • Day vs. Night — Become a defender of the day or a monster of the night in rock-paper-scissors-style.
  • Demon's Due — As a member of a New Capenna crime family, you make a name for yourself by showing off your ill-gotten profits. But keep in mind—the most valuable trinkets go directly into the mob boss's pockets.
  • Dominarioes — Connect all cards in the most condensed way possible.
  • Foraging Squirrels — A grid-based strategy game about collecting food (face-up cards).
  • Into the Story: Horror Edition — Tell the best horror story you can, using the cards in your booster as inspiration.
  • Magic & Minions — A role-playing minigame with simplified Dungeons & Dragons mechanics. One player is the DM, whose cards are used to set a series of six encounters. The other three players are adventurers, whose cards represent role-playing actions.
  • Mishra's Manufactory — Build an "invention" from other cards down the conveyor belt.
  • Mimic Match — Collect cards by pairing them up by color or mana value. Among the cards are two mimics (lands), which can only be matched with each other, ending the game.
  • Mini-Master — Play a quick game of Magic using only the cards in a single pack. You may also know this game as Pack Wars!
  • Monster of the Week — Survive the night by beating the monster (DFC) in your booster!
  • Roil Royale — The simplest game of the batch, relying almost entirely on chance. Be the first player to locate the ruins while avoiding the wrath of the Roil.
  • Roll for Initiative! — A simple card game where players use their cards to manipulate each others' starting d20 rolls and finish with the highest total initiative.
  • Strictly Better — A group party game where you match cards to a list of traits.
  • Totally Lost in Translation — Ask questions and learn the mystery card.
  • Urza's Blueprints — Race to assemble the Urzatron.
  • Vampire Wedding Planner — Compete to be the best wedding planner for the bride Olivia Voldaren, by matching cards to her chosen theme.
  • Winchester Draft — Two player draft format.


Base Race 1 1 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Booster Blitz 2 2 {Cross} {Cross} 1 1 {Cross} {Cross} 1 {Cross}
Booster Sleuth 3 3 2 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 1 {Cross} {Cross}
Careful Study {Cross} 4 3 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Cyber Simulacrum {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 2 {Cross} {Cross}
Day vs. Night {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 2 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Demon's Due {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 2 {Cross}
Dominarioes {Cross} {Cross} 5 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Foraging Squirrels {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 2 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Into the Story: Horror Edition {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 3 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Magic & Minions {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 3 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Mimic Match {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 4 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 2
Mini-Master {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 1
Mishra's Manufactory {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 3 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Monster of the Week {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 1 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Roil Royale 4 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Roll for Initiative! {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 5 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 3
Strictly Better 5 5 1 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 3 {Cross} 3 {Cross}
Totally Lost in Translation {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 5 2 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Urza's Blueprints {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 4 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Vampire Wedding Planner {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 2 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Winchester Draft {Cross} {Cross} 4 1 {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} 3 {Cross} {Cross}



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