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The Mirari Saga is the set of storylines which took place in the aftermath of the Weatherlight Saga. Not one continuous story per se, the Mirari Saga tells of the devastation wrought by a powerful artifact, the Mirari, created as a probe by Karn and sent to Dominaria, where it caused massive havoc on the continent of Otaria during Odyssey and Onslaught blocks.

Afterward, Karn retrieved the artifact and took it to his artificial plane, granting the Mirari sentience as Memnarch and putting it in charge, which led to the storyline of Mirrodin block.

The disjointed storytelling of this era is a result of the changing philosophy of Wizards of the Coast's continuity department. Wizards of the Coast considered the multi-year epic style of the Weatherlight Saga to be a failure;[1] the Mirari Saga was but slow transitional period between that model of storytelling and the current, setting-based philosophy.


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