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Sword of Body and Mind, by Chris Rahn.

The Mirran swords are a mega-mega cycle of mythic rare cards featuring equipment artifacts.


Each sword provides +2/+2, protection from two colors, has a triggered ability that triggers when the sword's equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, and equips for 2 mana. The sword's triggered ability will offer two effects that come from the same two colors that the sword gives its equipped creature protection against.


At first, the swords were released across sets that featured Mirrodin and New Phyrexia and offered protection from enemy colors.[1] Swords featuring allied colors started being released with Modern Horizons.

Some swords have been reprinted in the Masters series, in Masterpiece Series, and even as judge promotional cards. While many swords have received different art, Chris Rahn has created a piece of art for each sword so far.

Name Colors First effect Second effect First printed
Sword of Truth and Justice {W}{U} Truth: Similar to Contentious Plan ({U}) Justice: Similar to Basri's Solidarity ({W}) Modern Horizons
Sword of Sinew and Steel {B}{R} Sinew: Similar to Hero's Downfall ({B}) Steel: Smelt ({R}) Modern Horizons
Sword of Hearth and Home {G}{W} Hearth: Cloudshift ({W}) Home: Rampant Growth ({G}) Modern Horizons 2
Sword of Light and Shadow {W}{B} Light: Similar to Healing Salve ({W}) Shadow: Disentomb ({B}) Darksteel
Sword of Feast and Famine {B}{G} Feast: Early Harvest ({G}) Famine: Raven's Crime ({B}) Mirrodin Besieged
Sword of Body and Mind {G}{U} Body: Similar to Predator's Howl ({G}) Mind: Similar to Tome Scour ({U}) Scars of Mirrodin
Sword of Fire and Ice {U}{R} Fire: Shock ({R}) Ice: Obsessive Search ({U}) Darksteel
Sword of War and Peace {R}{W} War: Similar to Sudden Impact ({R}) Peace: Similar to Scent of Jasmine ({W}) New Phyrexia


  • The Sword of Dungeons & Dragons was first featured as a Hasbro promotional card, but then printed in Unstable. Like the Mirran swords, it gives +2/+2, gives protection from two creature types (instead of colors), has a triggered effect on combat damage to a player, and has an equip cost of 2. It was even illustrated by Chris Rahn.


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