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The Mirrodin block is the ninth block.

It was released in ????-???? and consists of the following sets.



The overarching theme is artifacts. All the sets have many more artifacts than other blocks.

Mirrodin block story

Mirrodin was a world created by Karn. He left it lifeless and perfect with Memnarch as its keeper. However, Memnarch found a small spot of oily substance (Phyrexian oil) that entered his body and started corrupting him. After a while he started bringing creatures to Mirrodin from everywhere in the multiverse. However, when he learns that the plane of Mirrodin is going to collapse on itself he makes a plan to make himself a planeswalker. While the plane kept changing and Memnarch descended further into madness the core started to erupt and over time launched great suns/moons into the sky. The story starts a short while before the fifth and final moon erupts from the core.

The hero of the story is the elf Glissa Sunseeker. As she travels across the world she meets up with her friends Slobad (a goblin) and Bosh (a Golem) as she slowly starts to figure out the truth about the world of Mirrodin. Eventually she figures out she has to go to the center of the world to confront Memnarch himself.

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