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MiseTings ( was a Magic: The Gathering humour site and forum directed at a (17/18+) audience. It was known for their satire of recent issues in the Magic world with Photoshopped card images and articles. Besides discussing recent happenings in the world of Magic, there was also room for normal Magic strategy and general discussion, as well as Mafia games.


MiseTings was owned and operated by Mike Bregoli, a former professional Magic: The Gathering player. The name of the site came from a combination of two different Magic slang phrases: "mise" and "tings". "To mise" can be defined as "to obtain something that is unusually great or unexpected" or as "a mise", something that is unusually great or unexpected"; "tings" is simply short for "beatings".

The Misetings forum was notorious for its harsh, uncensored language and self-moderation. The site also introduced various catchphrases like "sarnath'd", "annoraxed", "In before ...", "Maro is batshit insane!", and a number of famous smilies, such as "Trey" (Trey.gif).

As of December 12, 2007, MiseTings has been taken offline. Fans have since built an "in-every-way-better-than-MT-circa-2007" forum, GoodGamery. The original MiseTings forum were restored, and later died again, apparently permanently.