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|Modular +1/+1 counter ability can be extended further with Riot.
|The +1/+1 counter ability from Modular can be extended further with Riot.
|<c>Ardent Plea</c>
|<c>Ardent Plea</c>

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Mix-and-match cards are cards that have two or more different named mechanics on them.

Normally when R&D talks about mix-and-match, they don't focus on cards with multiple evergreen keywords, as that's just something every set does. The more interesting mix-and-match cards are ones where neither mechanic is evergreen. These are hard to do because it requires having two mechanics in the same set that can work together on the same card.[1]

The first such printed mix-and-match cards appeared in Future Sight. They also appeared in Modern Horizons and Modern Horizons 2.

List of Mix-and-match cards

Card Set Mechanic 1 Mechanic 2 Purpose
Arcbound Slasher Modern Horizons 2 Modular Riot The +1/+1 counter ability from Modular can be extended further with Riot.
Ardent Plea Alara Reborn Cascade Exalted Cascade gives the Exalted-granting enchantment extra function.
Bannerhide Krushok Modern Horizons 2 Reinforce Scavenge Reinforce then Scavenge to increase the amount of +1/+1 counters given.
Bogardan Lancer Future Sight Bloodthirst Flanking Bloodthirst making the own creature stronger and Flanking to make opposing creatures weaker.
Cutthroat il-Dal Future Sight Hellbent Shadow Hellbent allows controller to toggle evasion and blocking of Shadow creatures.
Ethersworn Sphinx Modern Horizons 2 Affinity Cascade Affinity to cheapen the costly creature for a strong Cascade effect.
Feaster of Fools Modern Horizons Convoke Devour Devouring the Convoked creatures.
Gathan Raiders Future Sight Hellbent Morph Morph cost discards a card to reach Hellbent.
Gibbering Descent Future Sight Hellbent Madness Cast the card via Madness to reach Hellbent.
Haze of Rage Future Sight Storm Buyback Up the Storm count with Buyback.
Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis Modern Horizons Convoke Delve Alternate ways to cast a creature that can't be cast normally.
Ichor Slick Future Sight Cycling Madness Madness to cast the card while Cycling.
Kavu Primarch Future Sight Kicker Convoke Convoke to pay Kicker.
Knight of Sursi Future Sight Flying Flanking An extra hurdle for creatures who can block creatures with Flying.
Marshaling Cry Future Sight Cycling Flashback Flashback the card after Cycling it.
Molten Disaster Future Sight Kicker Split second Kicker to achieve Split Second.
Mystic Speculation Future Sight Scry Buyback Buyback to Scry repeatedly.
Oketra's Attendant Amonkhet Cycling Embalm Embalm to cast the creature after Cycling it.
Ravaging Riftwurm Future Sight Kicker Vanishing Kicker to add counters for Vanishing.
Spirit en-Dal Future Sight Shadow Forecast Forecast to give Shadow as evasion or panic effect.
Sprout Swarm Future Sight Buyback Convoke Convoke to pay Buyback.
Thornweald Archer Future Sight Deathtouch Reach Reach to hit flying creatures with Deathtouch.
Throes of Chaos Modern Horizons Cascade Retrace Retrace to Cascade repeatedly.
Timeless Dragon Modern Horizons 2 Plainscycling Eternalize After Plainscycling for a Plains, Eternalize Timeless Dragon from the graveyard.
Viral Drake New Phyrexia Proliferate Infect After hitting a player with Infect, Proliferate the player's poison counters.
Viscera Dragger Shards of Alara Cycling Unearth Unearth the creature after Cycling it.


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