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Mizzium is a magic-infused, durable and fireproof alloy metal employed by the Izzet League of Ravnica. It is named after their parun Niv-Mizzet.[1]

The Mizzium Foundry is the only place on Ravnica where the mizzium alloy is smelted. Mizzium is used for many Izzet inventions, and the foundry is protected by savage flamethrower-wielding viashino.[2] Mizzium is further processed in the Laboratory of Metallurgy, which has a small outpost in the Tenth District's Smelting Quarter.[3]

Mizzium is used in a tremendous variety of ways, from providing the physical construction of weirds to crafting the tools used for other manufacturing. Runic markings help to channel and control the elemenetal energy that flows through the metal.[3] The magical properties are difficult to define. It is hard as diamond, except when it is transformed into a gaseous suspension. It has a high melting point, except when it is found in liquid form at cool autumn temperatures. Mizzium is used to maximize metastream potentials, realize fractional element-binding and transduce local weird-field radicals.[3]

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