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Modar Bejiri
Azorius hussar.jpg
Race Vedalken
Birthplace Ravnica
The Hussar's Last Mission

Modar Bejiri was a Vedalken court hussar, promoted to field hussar, in the last days of the fraying Guildpact. On his first day in the field, astride his faithful mount, Ashmane, Modar encountered a doppelganger who had just committed murder. Due to physical conflict, he was unable to arrest the criminal at the scene. Afraid that the murderer would escape and unable to pursue the matter via legal means, Modar was forced to come up with another solution.

Pursuant to clause sixty-two of the Military Procedure section of the Hussar's Disciplinary Code, Modor Bejiri requested an emergency writ of arrest for the capture of a hussar officer. Himself. Having only three hours before the arrest would be made, the vedalken made a show in Tin Street Market of looking for the murderer. The doppelganger arrived and Modar let himself be killed by the creature who then took on his shape. Just in time for the arresting Azorius soldiers to arrive.


The Hussar's Last Mission by Doug Beyer