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Bloom Titan is a combo deck for the Modern format. The deck uses Amulet of Vigor to largely negate the downside of Ravnica block Karoo lands such as Simic Growth Chamber. With cards that enable additional land drops such as Summer Bloom it enables to produce large amounts of mana early in the game. This mana is then fueled into Primeval Titan, who searches up yet even more land. While it is possible to chain multiple titans given the right circumstances, most often the Titan will search up Slayers' Stronghold and Boros Garrison, enabling to attack right away and gain another trigger from the Titan, which in turn often will end up in finding Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion to give the titan double strike.

The deck employs Future Sight pact cards. Summoner's Pact finds combo Pieces such as Primeval Titan and Azusa, Lost but Seeking, while Pact of Negation and Slaughter Pact protect the combo and allow to disrupt the opponent. With the Pact mechanic, the deck uses a Hive Mind as a secondary combo to force an opponent to cast the Pacts themselves and find themselves unable to pay for them during their turn.

While the deck was floating around before, it garnered large attention during Pro Tour Born of the Gods early in 2014 when it was piloted by Matthias Hunt.[1]

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