Modern Masters
Modern Masters is a 229 Card set highlighting some of the best cards available that are legal in the Modern format.  Released June 7, 2013, it includes cards that were originally printed between Eighth Edition and Alara Reborn.  This limited print release set included 24 packs per box each included as apposed to the normal 36 and each pack includes a foil card of verying rarity as its 15th card.  The MSRP of each pack is $6.99 up from the normal $3.99.

Grand Prix Las Vegas 2013: Modern Masters

Held at the Cashman Center June 21–23, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, GP Vegas broke records as the largest trading card game tournement ever held at 4,499 registered players.

Neal Oliver outlasted the field losing only one match to take the crown.