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First seen Planechase 2012
Last seen Planechase Anthology
Status Unknown

Mongseng is a plane that is depicted by the card Kharasha Foothills from Planechase 2012. The card shows flag-bearing warriors on a battlefield, in the manner of sashimono-carrying samurai, and more generally reminiscent of traditional Chinese warrior culture.

Connection with Tarkir[]

Mark Rosewater has stated that the planes showcased in Planechase and Planechase 2012 were created as potential locations for future stories.[1] When Khans of Tarkir was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Kharasha Foothills was mentioned as the source of inspiration for the plane of Tarkir.

While the two planes are theoretically distinct, Tarkir effectively replaced Mongseng, just as Arkhos was rebranded as Theros.[2] It is therefore unlikely that Mongseng will be revisited or explored further.

Mark Rosewater has stated that bigger factors than continuity led to the name change, and that set and block names are subject to more stringent criteria than card names.[3] These statements prompted a commenter to observe that the earlier name could be read as containing a slur.[4]


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