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(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
115 cards
{C} 0.9% {W} 40% {U} 14.8% {B} 0.9% {R} 8.7% {G} 20.9% {W/U} 3.5% {G/W} 3.5% {W/B} 0.9% {R/W} 0.9% {M} 5.2%
as of Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate
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Monk is a creature class. The monk class is a relatively late addition to the game. Originally, creatures with the word "monk" in their names bore the cleric type, but monk became its' own creature type with the release of the Kamigawa block, and monks printed before that now have both types. Dervish (Whirling Dervish) was also changed into subtype Monk.


Monks are individuals who have devoted their lives to quiet introspection and meditation, though many monks are skilled at magic, martial arts, or both. Some monks live their lives in solitude, while others come together in monasteries. Some monks are devoted to a specific faith, while others seek enlightenment away from religion. Most monks are white, green or blue in roughly this order, with the majority of multicoloured ones occurring in blue/red/white.

Monastic organizations[]

Notable monks[]

  • Azusa, a legendary traveling female kannushi.
  • Dokai, a kannushi, whose connection to the land was so strong that he could “bring it to life".
  • Dosan, the oldest living kannushi on Kamigawa and perhaps the most revered.
  • Erayo, a soratami woman whose meditations enabled her to transcend the material world.
  • Homura, a human monk whose meditations allowed him to grant the power of dragons to his allies.
  • Iwamori (literally, “rock of the woods”), a budoka eager to prove his fighting skill against any and all challengers.[2]
  • Kobo, a human apprentice of the ogre shaman Hidetsugu (later a shaman himself)
  • Kuon. An o-bakemono (an ogre) whose blood-magic meditations elevated him into the essence of pain and agony.
  • Reki. The human monk on whose body the history of the Kami War was written.
  • Rune-Tail. A kitsune whose meditations enabled him to bless his followers with immortality.
  • Sasaya. An orochi female whose meditations enabled her to meld her life force with that of the forest.
  • Seshiro, the leader of the orochi colonies.


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Monk White Creature — Monk 1/1 Prowess
Djinn Monk Blue Creature — Djinn Monk 2/2 Flying
Human Monk Green Creature — Human Monk 1/1 {T}, Add {G}