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Mons Johnson is a developer for Wizards of the Coast with a special love for goblins.[1] He has known Richard Garfield since the late 70s, and has his name immortalized on the Alpha card Mons's Goblin Raiders (and by extension, its later Unhinged parody, Mons's Goblin Waiters).[2][3] There is also a card called Mons's Goblin Raiders in the Japanese TCG Duel Masters.

Johnson was an Alpha playtester, and in 1995, he joined Wizards of the Coast at Richard's behest.[4] A few years later, he resigned from his position there as games librarian, and in 2003, he qualified for Pro Tour Venice.[5][6] Shortly thereafter, he returned to Wizards as a developer, earning his first development credit for Saviors of Kamigawa.

Johnson has also contributed to other Wizards games, including Duel Masters and D&D Miniatures. Prior to joining Wizards, he spent ten years in the United States military, including lengthy assignments in Germany and Korea.


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