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Moonsilver Key
Moonsilver Key.jpg
Origin Innistrad
User Dawnhart Coven
Status Unknown

The Moonsilver Key is an artifact from Innistrad. It is a sacred vessel, instrumental in the ritual at the Harvesttide festival to stop the Eternal night.[1] It unlocks the lock of bright gold in the center of the Celestus.[2] It was taken from the Dawnheart Coven centuries ago.[3]

Planning to use the Celestus to reverse the Eternal night, Katilda recruited Arlinn Kord and the Gatewatch to find the Moonsilver Key.[3] Believing the Church of Avacyn might have stolen the key, Arlinn, Teferi, Kaya, Chandra Nalaar and the cathar Adeline started their investigation in Thraben.

In Thraben the group discovers a clue in a book found by Kaya. The Key had been given by a witch to the Betzold family, long ago. In the ruins of the city they encounter Bishop Worrin Betzold, who became a zombie during the events of The Travails. Arlinn interrogates the bishop and can only get one name, Dennick. The group decides to go to Gavony where the Betzold family had a mansion. In the ruins of the mansion they find the spirit of the bishop's son, Dennick Betzold, who tells that the Key was given by his great-grandfather to Sorin Markov, so that the vampire could protect the artifact. At the Manor Markov, Teferi and Arlinn argue to Sorin about the Key's importance in restoring balance to Innistrad, but Sorin doesn't mind and refuses to hand over the artifact. When Arlinn mentions Avacyn, the enraged vampire attacks her twice with his sword. In the second attack Sigarda appears (in answer to a prayer made by Arlinn and his group before entering the Manor) and stops the attack. The angel says that the Key is in Sorin's quarters, and that she will stop the vampire to give the group a chance to reach the artifact. In Sorin's quarters they find the Key over a statue of Avacyn (beheaded by Sorin). The statue is under a painting of Sorin with his grandfather Edgar Markov.[4]

Returning to the Celestus, they arrived just as Tovolar's howlpack started their attack on the festival. While the others organized the defense, Kaya delivered the Key to Katilda.[5] The witches begin the ritual and after the battle Chandra Nalaar and Adeline take Arlinn to the center of Celestus. Katilda asks Arlinn to help complete the ritual. After Arlinn offers her blood, Katilda offers her soul that goes into the Key. But Olivia Voldaren appears and interrupts the ritual by taking the Key with her.[6]

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