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Plane Innistrad
Part of Gavony

The Moorland, beyond the Nearheath, is a vast parish of Gavony in Innistrad with relatively few human inhabitants.[1]


This has always been a more desolate region, filled with stories of spectral wolves and wandering spirits. There are few trees in the Moorland and the ground is covered with coarse grass, bracken, and violet heather. There are boulders and standing rocks, and the countryside seems to be covered in perpetual mist.

Some storied and picturesque manors still existe here, abandoned by their formed owners. The area is rife with geists, many of them dangerous, and travelers are constantly at risk from them as well as other things that wander the countryside. The Drogskol is an army of spirits that are more protective. They were once a large militia, that fell to a horde of the unhallowed.[2]

The moorland is also the original stomping ground of Grimgrin, a horrific skaab monstrosity created and set loose by the necro-alchemist Geralf.[3] Some might prefer huggling with the geists rather than finding themselves in the way of Grimgrin.


  • Trostad — a village of trappers on the border with Kessig. Overrun by the skaabs of Geralf Cecani, when he and his sister marched on Thraben. It is now Geralf's base of operations.
  • Merwald Downs — a small village.
  • Westvale — a small village populated by cultists.
    • Westvale Abbey
  • Angel Road — contested boundary between the forces of Gisa and Geralf.

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