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Ability Word
Introduced Innistrad
Last Used Modern Horizons 2
Typical Text Morbid — …, if a creature died this turn, …
20 cards
{B} 35% {R} 10% {G} 50% {B/G} 5%
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Morbid is an ability word introduced in Innistrad. It signals that a spell or ability has different effects, additional effects, or may only be used if a creature has died earlier in the same turn.[1]


During design, morbid was called "deathwatch".[2]

After Innistrad, morbid was also featured in Dark Ascension, Conspiracy, Commander 2014 and Modern Horizons.[3] Without the ability word, it was featured as the {B/G} draft archetype in Core Set 2021 and Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and appears occasionally on single cards.


  • Morbid abilities merely check if a creature died earlier in the turn. The creature card doesn't need to still be in the graveyard.
  • Token creatures can also die, going to their owner's graveyard before ceasing to exist.
  • Some morbid abilities that appear on instants and sorceries use the word "instead." The spells have an upgraded effect when they resolve if a creature has died earlier in the turn. You only get the upgraded effect, not both effects.
  • Some morbid abilities are activated abilities of permanents. To activate such an ability, a creature must have died earlier in the turn.
  • Triggered morbid abilities use an intervening "if" clause. A creature must have died earlier in the turn in order for these abilities to trigger; otherwise, they do nothing. In other words, there's no way to have the ability trigger if no creature has died that turn, even if you intend to have a creature die in response to the triggered ability.
  • Using Morbid allows a card to be state-based as long as conditions are met.



Hollowhenge Scavenger {3}{G}{G}
Creature — Elemental
Morbid — When Hollowhenge Scavenger enters the battlefield, if a creature died this turn, you gain 5 life.

Morbid cards without the ability word[]


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