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Morinfen and Gallowbraid
Morinfen and Gallowbraid.png
Race Horror, Phyrexian
Birthplace Phyrexia
Lifetime Pre-Mending Era
Rath and Storm

Morinfen and Gallowbraid were two Phyrexian Horrors which were the bane of Crovax. The brothers were the first Phyrexians to show up in Dominaria after the Brothers' War. They were distorted humanoids with fangs and skins like stone. Morinfen had wings while his brother had not.

Long ago, Sisay, Gerrard, and the rest of the Weatherlight crew had brought Crovax home to his family estate in Urborg to do battle with Gallowbraid and Morinfen, who were bent on the destruction of Crovax's entire houshold for reasons only known to Volrath. The ship departed once Crovax summoned Selenia - a guardian angel contained within an artifact marked by an ancient sigil - and defeated Volrath's servants. After the Weatherlight left, Crovax eventually fell in love with Selenia and freed her from magical servitude in the hope that she would stay with him. But Selenia vanished.

When the Weatherlight returned later to the Urborg Swamps they found Crovax's family destroyed by the forces of evil, which had returned in greater force to lay siege to the estate in Crovax's absence. Crovax then joined them as they confronted and defeated Gallowbraid and Morinfen. However, in the battle, Rofellos was killed by Gallowbraid.

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