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Theme decks

Morningtide has four class tribal theme decks, of which three are bicolored and one is tricolored.


Battalion is a white/blue theme deck with a Soldier tribal theme.

“  When playing the "Battalion" deck, you'll marshal the military might of the Soldiers. It should be no surprise that you want to attack early and often. It might be a surprise that the finishing blow will often come from your air force! [1]  ”
MOR Battalion.gif

The rares in this deck are Preeminent Captain and Reveillark.

Going Rogue[]

Going Rogue is a blue/black theme deck with a Rogue tribal theme.

“  With the "Going Rogue" deck, you won't smash your opponent into oblivion. Instead, you'll flit and stab and dodge and poke—all the way to your inevitable victory. By the time you've won, your opponent will just be figuring out that you might be trouble...[1]  ”
MOR Going Rogue.gif

The rares in this deck are Auntie's Snitch and Notorious Throng.


Shamanism is a white/black/green theme deck with a Shaman tribal theme.

“  The "Shamanism" deck imbues you with the power to commune with nature . . . and nature's about ready to unleash a massive beating. The longer the game goes, the more unstoppable your Shamans become. Your opponents will learn it's not wise to mess with the wise! [1]  ”
MOR Shamanism.gif

The rares in this deck are Leaf-Crowned Elder and Reach of Branches.

Warrior's Code[]

Warrior's Code is a red/green theme deck with a Warrior tribal theme.

“  The "Warrior's Code" deck is a deck you can hear from across the room. It's not that fast and not that subtle—it's just brutal, relentless, and rip-roaringly face-smashy! It's primed to deliver the kind of whupping that'll leave welts.[1]  ”
MOR Warriors Code.gif

The rares in this deck are Boldwyr Heavyweights and Unstoppable Ash.


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