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Morven was one of the bodyguards of the wizard Towser. He lived on Aerona (Dominaria).[1]

Morven had gray in his curly hair and beard, with a face wrinkled as a crab's from squinting into wind and sun. After thirty years as a sailor, he decided to retire and find a job on the land. He was quick to befriend Gull and helped him against the actions of the bully Kem.

Realizing the evil of Towser, he rebelled against him and so was teleported to Towser's island with Gull. After being summoned back by Greensleeves, he helped the girl and her brother Gull in a decisive battle against Towser.

Morven, as a sailor, was the first to notice the sign of an approaching tsunami and urged Gull, Greensleeves, Kem and Stiggur to find refuge inside a crack in the cliffside. Realizing there wasn't enough space for him, he told Greensleeves to block the crack's entrance with a Wall of Brambles and remained outside, sacrificing his life to the raging sea.