Mount Tanufel

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Mount Tanufel
Mount Tanufel
Plane Lorwyn

Mount Tanufel was the sacred mountain and the birthplace of the flamekin in Lorwyn. It was also a place where the Wanderwine river has its spring, guarded by an elemental called The Source (of the Wanderwine). The Wanderwine is the most merrow-trafficked of Lorwyn's rivers. Some tunnels to the Dark Meanders begin in the bed of the Wanderwine.[1]

The Ember Fell flamekin monastery was also in the region of Mount Tanufel.

Mount Tanufel was the stage where Ashling's ritual took place during the Great Aurora. Instead of becoming the vessel for the flamekin flame and Colfenor's wisdom at once, Ashling decided to take the greater elemental's power for herself and became Ashling, the Extinguisher.

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