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Race Kor
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime unknown

Munda is a Kor from Zendikar, known as "The Spider" for his skill with ropes for trapping and immobilizing enemies. Munda was appointed by Gideon Jura as a squad leader of the Zendikari allied forces.

Battle for Zendikar[]

While the allied forces camped at Sky Rock Munda was chasing after the runaway goblin Pili. During the chase, he encountered Nissa Revane and helped her defeating at least three dozen of small Eldrazi. He found Pili and an army of other goblins, which he persuaded to join the allied forces at Sky Rock.[1]

Munda was fighting along Gideon during the liberation of Sea Gate. After high losses, caused by an uncoordinated attack during the first day of the battle, he convinced Gideon to retreat.[2]

Munda coordinated the Kor, which salvaged and arranged the Aligned Hedron Network with ropes in order to trap Ulamog.[3] When Ob Nixilis released Ulamog and woke Kozilek, the Planeswalkers dedicated to stopping the Eldrazi were either defeated or went missing, and Munda rallies to general Tazri.[4]

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