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Feeding Grounds.jpg
First seen Future Sight
Last seen Planechase Anthology
Status Unknown

Muraganda is a plane that first appeared on the futureshifted cards Imperiosaur (flavor text) and Muraganda Petroglyphs. It is also featured as a plane in Planechase, on the plane card Feeding Grounds.[1]

Muraganda seemingly provides a primordial setting with dinosaurs. Although Ixalan also has these creatures, it isn't a replacement for Muraganda. Unlike Ixalan, Muraganda is considered to be a "prehistoric" plane.[2][3]


Fang druids live in the valleys, and mages study ancient petroglyphs in the mountains. Saurid warriors live in the south, and elves live in the tropics. Another notable group of inhabitants are the scarwitches.

Little is known about the bizarre entity called the Mimeoplasm, which absorbs the traits of anything it engulfs. The saurid warriors seek it out wherever it roams, believing it to be the key to a mysterious afterlife and hoping to see in it traces of their fallen loved ones. The elves believe it to be part of nature's cycle, a way to channel death back into life. The scarwitches hiss when it approaches, seeing it as the ultimate enemy of the world. Whether it's a natural process or a malevolent force, the Mimeoplasm never fails to command respect.[4]

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