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Murmuring Bosk
Murmuring Bosk.jpg
Plane Lorwyn
Part of Great Forest

The Murmuring Bosk was a sacred grove of Lorwyn treefolk in the Great Forest.[1] The ancient race gathered here to discuss various issues. Almost all Lorwyn treefolk began their lives as normal trees in the Bosk, and after the "Rising", they gained the ability to walk freely. The treefolk council often employed elvish shaman apprentices as seedguides, wardens of the young treefolk offspring. When Rhys arrived at Murmuring Bosk after Colfenor asked him to plant his cone there, he found the Bosk leveled, the trees torn out the ground, hacked and burned, by unknown hands. Despite the desolation, the place was slowly starting to regrow, starting with black poplar seedlings, the most stubborn and resistant of all species. Rhys planted Colfenor's cone there. When he returned after some time, he found the Bosk slowly but surely regrowing back.

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