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Race Human
Birthplace Paliano, Fiora

Professor Muzzio is a visionary human artificer at the High City of Paliano on the plane of Fiora.


He is one of the main players vying for control of Paliano.[1] Muzzio is a former pupil of the goblin artificer Daretti, and is suspected of having killed him. Other rumors say that he is an agent of the Black Rose, or that he is still the patron of the dropout, Sydri.

Muzzio wishes to gain power so he can create his ultimate masterwork: a clockwork society comprised of an elite citizenry of scholars and mages overseeing an order of architectural perfection, and protected by an army of mechanized warriors. Every construct built in Paliano is his design or a copy thereof. Within each of the constructs is a series of needles that transcribes all that they hear onto wax cylinders.


Muzzio tried to become vice-chancellor of the Academy at High Paliano. The position would have given him the autonomy and power needed to move into the next phase of his plan. However, the first death of Brago caused the Board of Senior Advisors to vote more cautiously. Consequently, he used his automatons to gather information and to perform administrative alterations in official records. After blackmailing and removing three senior advisors of the board, Muzzio became vice-chancellor, after all.

During Brago's ghostly reign, he became less tolerant of dissent and cracked down more harshly against opposition. After Daretti tipped Grenzo, the palace's goblin prison warden, off to Muzzio's storehouse of cogwork warriors,[2] Brago outlawed cogwork constructs, closed the Academy,[3] and exiled Muzzio.[4]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Like Cogwork Matt Knicl 2014-05-28 Conspiracy Fiora Muzzio

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