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Sidar Mwigo of Tefemburu was one of the first leaders of the Zhalfirin army to directly fight Kaervek during the Mirage Wars on Dominaria.

Sidar Mwigo would be remembered forever as the martyr of the border town of Ufunguo. As Kaervek's forces swept past the elven realms of the Uktabi Jungle and Salamzuri, Sidar Mwigo and her troops ordered the people of Ufunguo to evacuate. The refugees fled to the sanctuaries of cities such as Tefemburu and Salamzuri while the Sidar commanded her army to ride forth and attack Kaervek's troops before they arrived in the city. Although they were ultimately killed in battle, Sidar Mwigo and her army allowed the people of Ufunguo to escape and bought the other Zhalfirin cities precious time.