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Myczil Savod Zunich
Race Human-Elf hybrid
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Born 10,001 Z.C.[1]
Not to be confused with Myczil Zunich.

Myczil Savod Zunich, or simply Myc, was the quarter-human, quarter-Silhana and half-Devkarin son of Fonn Zunich and Jarad vod Savo.[2] He was named after his grandfather, Myczil Zunich. He was the fruit of love between the Selesnyan ledev and Golgari guildmaster. Even though their marriage lasted fewer than six years, Myc's following childhood was divided in equal parts spent with his mother and father, learning the ways of both guilds.


As a three-quarter elf, he matured quickly; he was able to shoot a bow as soon as he was able to walk. At five years of age, he caught and killed his first prey, a wurm hatchling. Jarad trained his son in the ways of Golgari hunters, whereas Fonn supervised his ledev training.

The blood of guildmaster flowing through his veins made him a target of Izolda, the Rakdos blood witch, who wanted to use it for controlling her own guildmaster, Rakdos. The Rakdos cultists captured Myc and his friends during their ledev training, and Izolda tried to perform the domination ritual. The ritual was, however, interrupted by Myc's parents, and Jarad's arrow caused the blood mixture used for the ritual to spill over Rakdos and Myc, binding Myc's mind with Rakdos'. Myc and Rakdos then went on a rampage in the city of Ravnica.

Myc's bond to the demon was broken by Jarad's own sacrifice to Izolda, and the youth was rescued by his mother. After Rakdos's attack was ended and Ravnica saved, Myc and Fonn found that Jarad had managed to become a kind of lich, animating his own corpse with his spirit. Myc decided to stay with his father and follow the ways of Golgari.

Myc became the huntmaster of the Devkarin, wearing the traditional skull mask to denote his status.[3] Vraska and Dovin Baan tricked Myc and the shaman Cevraya into thinking that matka Izoni had tried to kill him with poisonous spiders in her bid for power in the Golgari Swarm.[3] Both Myczil and Cevraya consequently accepted the protection of Vraska.


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