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Not to be confused with Myczil Savod Zunich.
Myczil Zunich
Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica
Lifetime Died 9943 Z.C.[1]

Myczil Zunich was a wojek officer and a partner of Agrus Kos.[1] He had an extraordinary record of solved cases and successful arrests. He married a Silhana elf and together they had a daughter, Fonn Zunich.


In 9943 Z.C. Kos and Zunich were tasked with finding and arresting Palla, a Rakdos gang leader. During this case, Zunich was too eager to get the Rakdos and he mistakenly attacked and killed a little girl, who in fact served as a bait for Palla in a trap set by a bounty hunter, Devkarin huntmaster Jarad. Zunich went mad with guilt and grief, and tried to blame the Devkarin at first, then tried to kill Jarad as the sole witness of his act, besides Kos. However, Kos's sense of justice overrode the feelings for his partner and he tried to stop him. Zunich slipped and fell down off the roof, and was killed by the impact.

The circumstances of Zunich's death were unknown to anybody but Kos and Jarad and remained a reason for Fonn's bitterness towards Kos years later in 10000 ZC when she met Kos personally. After they successfully prevented Szadek's and Savra's attempt to take over the Selesnya guild during the Decamillennial, Kos told Fonn the truth.

Fonn later named her son, Myczil Savod Zunich, after her father.


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