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Myojin (Japanese: (みょう) (じん) ; rōmaji: Myōjin; literally: "Bright Divinities"), are the greatest kami of all in the plane of Kamigawa.


The power of the five myojin was dwarfed only by O-Kagachi, the kami of all things. Each has aspects of one of the different colors of magic and of the five fundamental forces of the world: justice, knowledge, power, passion and creation. For example, the Myojin of Night's Reach is black mana, and all black-aligned kami are aspects of her.[1]

When the Kami War began, Kamigawa's denizens prayed to the Myojin, hoping that the greatest kami had not turned against them, but due to Konda's crime, the Myojin too were in such throes of chaos and anger that they couldn't begin to communicate the nature of that crime: like all other kami, the Myojin turned against the material world.[2]

While it is unknown if the others have that level of power, the Myojin of Night's Reach was able to exploit the planar boundaries weakening during the Kami War, gaining access to many other planes.

The five myojin are as follows:

Each Myojin has a corresponding Honden built in their honor. During the Kami War, the shrines faced abandonment and were almost in ruin.[3]

Note on the creature type[]

Mark Rosewater has stated that the Myojin-cycle can be seen as the precursor to the Theros Gods. If they had been designed under the current design vision, the cards would have been creature type God, probably Spirit God (or God Spirit).[4]


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