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{W} 2.6% {U} 5.3% {artifact symbol} 92.1%
as of Modern Horizons 2
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Myr is a creature type describing the metal automatons created by Memnarch that are found all over Mirrodin.


Myr were created as mindless servitors and act out a single role without question.[1][2][3] However, there is said to be intelligence and emotion behind their sullen, mechanical eyes. Memnarch can see through the eyes of the myr using the Darksteel Eye.

Since the fall of Memnarch, many myr continued to fulfill their duties regardless of having no master while others simply shut down to await commands that would never come. Some developed a consciousness and free will.[4] At the start of the Phyrexian invasion, many were adapted to the Phyrexian side and equipped with sinew grafts, ichor, and necrogen.[5]

The planeswalker Tamiyo once used the creation myth of the myr to magically cure Jace Beleren of his madness.[6] This myth section describes the variety of form and function of the myr as being the natural result of engineered differences in replicating myr.

Etymology and design[]

The word "myr" is derived from the Greek word for "ant" (“myrmeco-”). The etymology is a direct reference to their small size, worker-role mentality, and ubiquitous presence.[7] There is also the connection with the Myrmidon of Greek myth. The word has transmuted through history so that the word “myrmidon” refers to “a subordinate who executes orders unquestioningly or unscrupulously”. Myr were initially conceived as gnomes, but later moved to their current incarnation.[8] Their primary design specs were to be small colorless artifact creatures with very limited, but unique abilities.[1]

Creature type[]


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Myr Colorless Artifact Creature — Myr 1/1
Phyrexian Myr Colorless Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Myr 1/1
Blue Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Myr 2/1
Myr Propagator Colorless Artifact Creature — Myr 1/1 {3}, {T}: Put a token that's a copy of Myr Propagator onto the battlefield.


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