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A Mythic Championship Qualifier (MCQ) is a one-day Magic: The Gathering tournament. Performing well at a Mythic Championship Qualifier could earn a player an invitation to an upcoming Mythic Championship, one of the highest tiers of professional play in Magic. The MCQ was created in 2019 to replace the Pro Tour Qualifier.[1] Just a year later, they were replaced themselves by Players Tour Qualifiers and WPN Qualifiers.[2]

At WPN Stores and independent tournaments[edit | edit source]

Mythic Championship Qualifiers may be run by a WPN member store or an independent tournament organizer (TO).[1] There will be about 150 WPN or TO-run events scheduled globally for each Mythic Championship.

At Magic Online[edit | edit source]

Magic Online will continue to qualify players for Mythic Championships, including:[1]

  • The winner of each Magic Online Mythic Championship Qualifier Finals;
  • Each player who qualifies for the next Magic Online Championship, including the winner of each MOCS Playoff, the winner of each MOCS Open, the winner of each Format Championship, and MOCS Leaderboard invitees;
  • The runner up of each MOCS Playoff.

At MTG Arena[edit | edit source]

The top sixteen Challengers from MTG Arena Mythic Qualifier Weekends (MQW) will ultimately qualify for the Mythic Championships.[1]

At MagicFests[edit | edit source]

Separate Mythic Championship Qualifiers are organized at MagicFests, as side events for each Grand Prix.[1]

Last Chance Qualifiers[edit | edit source]

Eight winning players from Last Chance Qualifiers run the day before the start of each Mythic Championship.[1]

Promos[edit | edit source]

Promos given to all participants in a MCQ:

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