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Mythic Championship VII
Date December 6–8, 2019
Location {USA} Long Beach, California, United States
Attendance 67[1]
Format Traditional Standard Best-of-Three Constructed
Prize pool $750,000
Winner Piotr Głogowski
Previous Pro Tour:
Mythic Championship VI Richmond
Next Pro Tour:
Players Tour Series 1

Mythic Championship VII was the third Mythic Championship to be played on MTG Arena in 2019 (and the last before the rebranding to Mythic Invitational). It took place on December 6–8, 2019 at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California, United States.[2]


The tournament was made up of 32 members of the MPL and 36 Challengers. Magic MPL Eldraine Split Division winners Piotr Glogowski, William Jensen, Shota Yasooka and Marcio Carvalho earned automatic advancement to Day Two. Prior to commencement, however, one of the MCQW winners could not procure a visa, and was not replaced, leaving a 67-person tournament.


The top 4 Challengers from Mythic Championship V were granted returning invites; they were 4th place Gabriel Nassif, 5th place Stanislav Cifka, 9th place Kenji Egashira, and 14th place Théo Moutier.

From the MCQW, there were not as many big names from the competitive circuit; the standout names are Chris Kvartek (who just missed on a Top 16 result in MCV), and old-guard players Antonino De Rosa and Frederico Bastos. While the 17th and 18th place players (with identical tiebreakers) were not invited as previous, some other players were selected: 34th place Miguel Guerrero "Mogwai" Leon, 41th placers Ronald "Predi" Müller and Andrea "Yawgmoth87" Gereon, 60th place and Italian WMC Competitor Tian Fa "upumpa89" Mun, and 66th place Stephen "Crokeyz" Croke.

Major competitive circuit players with invites include MOCS champion Dmitriy Butakov, Pro Tour stalwart Chris Pikula, GP champions Marcelino Freeman, Teruya Kakumae and Esther Trujilo, and GP top 4 competitor Allison Warfield.[3]


The format across all three days is Traditional Standard Best-of-Three Constructed.

Despite being only three weeks since the previous Standard tournament, the format has changed once again, primarily with the banning of Once Upon A Time; while Oko, Thief of Crowns was a structural part of the Blue-Green-X Food decks and was banned, Once Upon A Time enabled consistency 10-20% greater in green decks than in non-green decks. With the Food dominance taken down a notch, Fires of Invention, Doom Foretold, and Castle Locthwain powered decks began building up metagame share.

At the tournament itself, Food decks returned in the shape of Cauldron Familiar-Witch's Oven-Trail of Crumbs engine decks, while Jeskai Cavalry Fires was the most popular. No aggro decks performed well, with only the Adventure variants being the fastest builds. Izzet Flash was popular but performed badly, whereas three Simic Flash with Nissa as a top end all made the final day.

Day One[]

Players battle it out in Modified Swiss in up to eight rounds. Players who earn six wins automatically advanced to Day Two. Players who lose four matches are eliminated.

The players to qualify on Friday were:

Rank Nationality Player Wins Group
1 {PRT} Miguel da Cruz Simões 5-0 MCQW
2 {CAN} Jordan Cairns 5-1 MCQW
3 {ITA} Andrea Mengucci 5-1 MPL
4 {USA} Chris Kvartek 5-1 MCQW
5 {USA} Seth Manfield 5-1 MPL
6 {CZE} Martin Juza 5-1 MPL
7 {DEU} Christian Hauck 5-1 MPL
8 {USA} Brad Nelson 5-2 MPL
9 {FRA} Gabriel Nassif 5-2 Invite - MC V Top 4 Challenger
10 {ESP} Javier Dominguez 5-2 MPL
11 {ESP} Beatriz Grancha 5-2 Invite
12 {FRA} John Girardot 5-2 MCQW
13 {ARG} Luis Salvatto 5-2 MPL
14 {USA} Ben Stark 5-2 MPL
15 {BRA} Lucas Esper Berthoud 5-3 MPL
16 {USA} Matt Nass 5-3 MPL
17 {BRA} Carlos Romao 5-3 MPL
18 {CAN} Alexander Hayne 5-3 MPL
19 {MEX} Marcelino Freeman 5-3 Invite - GP Winner
20 {ISR} Shahar Shenhar 5-3 MPL
21 {ITA} Tian Fa Mun 5-3 Invite - WMC Competitor
22 {USA} Ally Warfield 5-3 Invite - GP Top 4
23 {BRA} Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa 5-3 MPL
24 {USA} Mike Sigrist 5-3 MPL

Day Two[]

The Top 24 from Day One joined the four Magic Pro League divisional champions from the Eldraine Split in a seven-round Swiss event. All players who reached five match wins moved on to Day 3. Seth Manfield rounded out the Top 8 for Day 3 based on his tiebreakers in Day 2.

Day Three[]

Eight players competed in a true double-elimination tournament. In the grand finals, the winners in the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket faced off. The player in the Lower Bracket had to win two matches to win the tournament. In the end in was Piotr Glogowski who won Mythic Championship VII with Jund Sacrifice, defeating Brad Nelson on Simic Flash two games to one in the Grand Finals.[4]

The Top 8 were:

Place Player Prize Mythic Points Deck Comments
1 {POL} Piotr Glogowski $ 100,000 50 Jund Sacrifice
2 {USA} Brad Nelson $ 50,000 42 Simic Flash
3 {ESP} Javier Dominguez $ 30,000 37 Simic Flash
4 {ITA} Andrea Mengucci $ 20,000 37 Simic Ramp
5 {BRA} Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa $ 12,500 32 Jeskai Fires
6 {USA} Seth Manfield $ 12,500 32 Simic Flash
7 {PRT} Miguel da Cruz Simões $ 12,500 32 Jund Sacrifice Challenger
8 {USA} Chris Kvartek $ 12,500 32 Golgari Adventure Challenger