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The Mythic Edition series was an attempt in 2018-2019 by Wizards of the Coast to sell a high-end product aimed at collectors.[1] Each Mythic Edition was sold as a booster box for a MSRP of $249.99. The box included 24 boosters, with eight of them containing foil "Masterpieces" (all of them planeswalkers) that were not available elsewhere.[2]

There are three sets with a Mythic Edition, all sharing the same expansion symbol ():

Especially the first release met with criticism from the public, which was partially addressed in the second release.[1] However, the third edition had sales problems as well. In the end, Wizards of that Coast concluded that there was definitely a market for high-end products, but that the exact shape of Mythic Edition probably wasn't the right model.[1] Instead, they developed the Secret Lair Drop Series.


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