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For the 1997 - 2007 tournament, see Magic Invitational

The Mythic Invitational is an invitational tournament played on MTG Arena.


The first Mythic Invitational, Mythic Invitational Boston 2019, was an one-off exhibition event taking place at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, United States on March 28–31, 2019. It featured the biggest-ever prize pool awarded in a single Magic tournament, with $1,000,000 distributed to the 64 participants, with the winner earning $250,000. Invitations were extended to 30 members of the Magic Pro League, 26 select high-profile Magic streamers, and 8 top-ranked Magic Arena players.[1]

In 2020, the Mythic Invitational replaced the MTG Arena Mythic Championship of the previous year. There were planned to be three Mythic Invitationals in a regular season, each with a $750,000 prize purse and awarding Mythic Points.[2] Mythic Invitationals were to be 128-person events held over 4 days.[3] However, with the COVID-19 pandemic halting all large in-person events, the three Invitationals were compressed into one event, the Mythic Invitational 2020, played from home with 160 invitees.

Players invited to Invitationals are to be drawn from:

Together with each season's Players Tour, the Mythic Invitationals are meant to culminate in a World Championship.


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