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Mythic Points was an award system for Magic: The Gathering professional play, used in 2019 for the "Mythic Championship" rebranding before being replaced by Player Points in 2020.[1]


Replacing the Pro Points system, it was at first designed to connect competitive gaming across MTG Arena and Magic tabletop. However, this led to a quandary in that well-performing players on the paper Mythic Championships could not be a discretionary invite to the Arena Mythic Championships, or else they would get a significant and unfair lead into the MPL and Worlds race, as the 0-4 payout from Arena was equivalent to a 10-6 payout from paper - indeed, four of the six top challengers were beneficiaries of discretionary invites.

For 2020, the tracks for player ranking points for MTG Arena play and tabletop play were separated, with the MPL tracking rankings combining the two.[2] For MTG Arena play, Mythic Points were kept. For tabletop Player Points were introduced.



Mythic points could only be won at Mythic Championship events. Grand Prix did not award Mythic Points.

For 2019, Mythic Championships Mythic Points were awarded as such:

Playing field Ranking Award
MTG Arena 1st 50
MTG Arena 2nd 42
MTG Arena 3rd–4th 37
MTG Arena 5th–8th 32
MTG Arena 9th–16th 24
MTG Arena 17th–28th 17
MTG Arena 29th–52nd 11
MTG Arena Day Two of MQW 5
Tabletop 1st 50
Tabletop 2nd 42
Tabletop 3rd–4th 37
Tabletop 5th–8th 32
Tabletop 36+ Match Points 24
Tabletop 33–35 Match Points 17
Tabletop 30–32 Match Points 11
Tabletop 27–29 Match Points 5


Mythic Points can only be earned in the following events:[2]

The COVID-19 outbreak in January resulted in preventative measures taken in March. By April, it was clear that further events were not safely feasible to hold, and Wizards wrote off the entire season as not salvageable.[3] It was announced that some large events later in the year would be prospectively held, but that those events would not pay out points for League positions.


In the 2020–21 Players Tour Season, no Mythic Points were awarded. Instead, League points were used. Unlike previous systems, players outside the Leagues could not accumulate points, instead looking for a finish to award them a spot in the Challenger Gauntlet.