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The Mythic Qualifier was a tournament played on MTG Arena that awarded access to a Mythic Invitational tournament.

For Mythic Championships[ | ]

The Mythic Qualifier Weekend (MQW) was a regular tournament in 2019 that enabled players to qualify for a Mythic Championship. Only the top sixteen Challengers would ultimately qualify.[1]

Qualification could be accomplished by the following steps:

  • Reaching the top 1,000 in Mythic Ranking in Constructed or Limited during a qualifying month.
    • Players who reach the top 1,000 in Mythic Ranking will receive a token to qualify for an MQW. If players reach that level in both Constructed and Limited, they only receive one token.
  • Competing in Stage 1 on Saturday. Everyone who reaches the maximum number of wins will advance to Sunday's Stage 2.
    • At least 128 Challengers will qualify for Stage 2 on Sunday. If too few players reach the maximum number of wins, additional challengers will advance to Stage 2 based on how well they did in the event.
  • On Sunday, everyone who advanced will compete in a Swiss-paired tournament. The Top 16 players from that tournament will qualify for the Mythic Championship.

For Mythic Invitationals[ | ]

As of 2020, each Mythic Invitational would be fed by two Mythic Qualifier tournaments with the top 1,200 ranked players in monthly MTG Arena play in Constructed or Limited at the end of each qualifying month eligible to compete.[2]

The Top 16 in each tournament would be invited to the corresponding Mythic Invitational, and players who make Day Two will earn Mythic Points, whether they reach the Top 16 or not.

To ensure these qualifiers were an opportunity for more Mythic-ranked players to take their shot at qualifying for a Mythic Invitational, these events took place over a single day.[3]

With the pandemic halting tabletop play and restricting competitive Magic to Arena, all challengers had to qualify online, so any player who made 7 wins on Day 2 of the MIQ were invited to the appropriate Set Championship.

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