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Mythic rare is a rarity level, one step higher than rare. It is indicated by an orange-red colored expansion symbol, which originally was meant to provide a "fiery" appearance.[1] The rarity was created for Shards of Alara, as some of the rares in that set were considered to be on a higher level than most of the other rares.[2][3][4]

In general, 15 mythic rare cards appear in large sets and 10 appear in smaller sets, not counting on mythic rares exclusive in non-draft booster products. The most well-known mythic card type is that of the Planeswalker, which nearly always appear as mythic rares after Shards of Alara introduced them.[5] Starting with Core Set 2021, each set has 20 mythic rare cards in draft boosters.

Odds[edit | edit source]

Starting with Zendikar Rising booster packs, 1 in every 7.4 booster packs contain a mythic rare instead of a rare card. will be a mythic rare[6]; before this set, about 1 in every 8 booster packs contained a mythic rare. Any given mythic is exactly twice as rare as any given rare due to the smaller pool of mythic rares versus rares, and they are printed on the same print sheet.

In non-booster sets[edit | edit source]

In the more recent Duel Decks, the "flagship" cards appeared as mythic rares, like Jace Beleren vs. Chandra Nalaar. The Premium Deck Series: Slivers had a single mythic rare of Sliver Overlord. Finally, each of the cards in the From the Vault sets are printed with a mythic rare expansion symbol, regardless of the card's original rarity.

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