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Race Elf
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown

Nadier is an elf warrior from a unknown plane.

History[edit | edit source]

Historically speaking, the Duskenel nation of elves has had a tumultuous relationship with their wood elf neighbors. But times change, and recent leadership has decided elven solidarity far outweighs petty tribal disagreements. To the average wood elf, Nadier appears to be a diplomat sent by the Duskenel as a cultural exchange resulting from a recent treaty between the elven nations. He is kind and cordial and has quickly become a welcome face around town.

In reality, Nadier's presence is a direct result of said treaty, but he is no diplomat. The wood elves have been experiencing some issues with nearby human settlements—expeditions going a little too deep in the woods, trees being felled that have stood for centuries, and so forth. As such, the Duskenel offered Nadier's services not as a dignitary, but as the foremost killer in the entire nation. Secretly, Nadier has been tasked to train a battalion of wood elves to drive the humans away from the forest.[1]

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