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Race Human
Birthplace Rabiah
Lifetime Unknown
Arabian Nights.

Nailah was a powerful Sorceress Queen of Rabiah, who sought to absorb Taysir's power.[1] While most people on Rabiah have one thousand and one versions, one for each copy of Rabiah, Taysir only had five, one for each type of magic. Prophecy had it that if the five were united, they would become the strongest planeswalker ever.

As a girl she was trained in magic by her father El-Hajjâj, alongside Raghib. She overthrew her father and apparently killed him. She had seduced Raghib and had him do many tasks, such a tracking down the Ring of Ma'rûf, which she could use to locate the Taysirs, and to find the black version of Taysir. After he did this last task Nailah had no more use of Raghib however and cursed him with leprosy.

Nailah seduced the black version of Taysir and had him kill and absorb the green one. But then the black/green Taysir rebelled, and managed to warn the red Taysir, whom he also gave the Ring of Marûf. The red Taysir merged with the white, and then later with the blue one. That Taysir eventually came back for the others, defeated Nailah, and merged with his last living counterpart. In the battle surrounding this, Nailah killed Raghib, who had become the servant of the white Taysir, and El-Hajjâj, who had survived their earlier battle.

After Taysir became a planeswalker, Nailah tried to seduce him by appealing to the black in him, but he hit her with an energy blast and planeswalked away. Nailah was furious that she could not harness the powers of Taysir and created a barrier around the Rabiahs, preventing him from ever returning.

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