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Naktamun was once the central city of Amonkhet and home to its gods. A once glorious city, it is now mostly gutted buildings and sand.[1]


Naktamun was located at the banks of the river Luxa and protected from the horrors of the surrounding deserts by the Hekma, a magical barrier maintained by the god Kefnet. During Nicol Bolas's initial attack on Amonkhet, Naktamun was the last city that stood against him and was to serve as the nucleus of the re-emerging civilization centered around him.

Officially, the city was ruled by the five gods, who acted as stewards of the God-Pharaoh. The living population was rigidly divided into three groups:

  • Acolytes, children who were focused on honing their skills and prepared for the coming trials
  • Viziers, servants of the gods who underwent the Glorified Death when they finished their service.
  • Initiates, warriors organized in Crops that underwent the Trials of the Five Gods.

Mummified dead did most of the manual labor of the city, building monuments and harvesting foodstock.

After the Hour of Devastation had come, the city was destroyed by the Eternal army of Nicol Bolas and most of its gods slain. The survivors, led by Hazoret, fled the city whose ruins were reclaimed by the local fauna.



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