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Nani Oula
Nani Oula.png
Race Human Witch Shapeshifter
Birthplace Innistrad
Magic: Legends

Nani Oula, called the Witch of the Moorlands, was a witch who lived just outside Hexenrast in Gavony. Nani styled herself everyone's "sweet Nani" and dear protector. She mentored several apprentices, who carried out her assignments.[1]


Volomir, a friend of Gisa Cecani, was a human apprentice to Nani Oula. Among her tasks for him was the slaying of his entire family. When he finally questioned her motives, she fed him to werewolves and he became a wraith.[2]

Cleansing of Crussebourg[]

The madman Ulav of Hexenrast was a later apprentice. When he and the elder Havish were rescued from wolves by the Magic: Legends planeswalker, he presented the traveler to Nani for an apprenticeship.[1]

Nani's first task for the traveler was to cleanse the town of Crussebourg of its lycanthropy curse. She had the traveler massacre a number of werewolves in the town, including the high shaman Kurjak.[1]

Geralf's masterpiece[]

Afterward, Nani took on Vaash Vroga as a third simultaneous apprentice, so she allowed the Butcher of Crussebourg to assist Gisa with a task.[1] Because the Butcher carried an amulet enchanted by Nani, she was able to scry what the Butcher saw or heard,[1] including when the Butcher disabled Geralf Cecani's masterpiece. Nani tasked Vaash with the theft of Geralf's masterpiece, a vessel that could hold great power.[2]


The Butcher later freed the soul of Kurjak, and together they confronted Nani. Nani had intended to use Geralf's masterpiece to house her soul, but Vaash stole it, leaving Nani's soul vulnerable. The Butcher and Kurjak then trapped Nani's soul within the very amulet she had given the Butcher.[2]


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